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In 2007 my son suffered 4 restraining’s in a period of a month and a half.  The last one was so severe they caused a cervical sprain, busted lip, bleeding under the skin on his arms, torso, face, neck/shoulder area and almost suffocated him.  The force was so excessive that they imprinted his polo shirt into his body.  

My son was 7 and weighed 52 lbs when the restraining’s started.  If my son didn’t come home visibly injured, I may never have known that the school had no intention on contacting me to inform me of the restraining’s.

I did a public records search on this particular Behavior Analyst that injured my son in April of 2007, and it turns out he has at least 3 DUI charges in his background, one as recent as July 2007.

How ironic… a Behavior Analyst who can't control his own behavior???

There are no regulations on these matters, and it is hard to hold anyone accountable. It almost seems as though no one cares.

I do, and that’s why we have I AM Academy.  A place where we're not just filling minds, we're filling souls!

Anna Moore


I AM Academy

Port St Lucie, Florida

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